Since 1919 Trimtex Company, Inc. is your resource for Braided, Knitted and Woven Decorative Trimmings.

Our Products

Rick Rack, Fringes, Bindings, Elastics, Sequins, Tapes, Woven Jacquard Bands, Beltings, Twist Cords, Metallic Trimmings and Braids.

Our Services

Custom design and manufacturer of decorative trimming products. Our technicians, merchandisers and designers participate in a continuing effort to create unique designs for every fashion market.

Our Markets

Creatively serving the Apparel, Accessory, Home Fashion, Retail Craft and Fabric markets. In addition we continue to service the unique needs of the Electronic and Automotive industrial specialty markets.

Our Commitment

  • Quality Materials

    Only quality thread components of colorfast yarn dyed fibers are utilized. These include fiber reactive cotton, solution dyed rayon, and pressure vat dyed polyester. Metallic yarns are made with Mylar, and will not tarnish or de-laminate.

  • Superior Craftsmanship

    Our Mechanics and Technicians have many years of experience. Intricate patterns of fine detail are set by the highly trained hands of our braiding, knitting and narrow jacquard weaving experts. Consistent high quality is our "trade mark".

  • Excellence in Design and Implementation

    Braid products are manufactured on German textile braid machines devised in the 19th century.
    Such Products are recognized for their unique and varied designs in widths up to 100mm.

    Our pattern library includes over 100,000 designs dating from 1919.

    Knit Patterns and passementeries can be made of guimp and other interesting materials.

    Widths up to one meter are possible.

    We are expert at duplicating pattern requests at competitive prices while maintaining superior quality.

    Computer Aided Design (CAD) facilitates the manufacture of Narrow Woven Jacquard and Dobby fabrics with selvage edge quality.

Our firm's simple philosophy is "... to be the highest quality, low cost, on time delivery supplier of quality narrow fabric trimming."